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At Independent New Media Agency (INA), we are passionate storytellers, creators, and innovators. Our mission is to transform ideas into powerful visual narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. With a dedicated team of industry professionals, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to excellence, INA delivers compelling media content across various platforms. We pride ourselves on our independent spirit, creativity, and ability to push the boundaries of traditional media production.

Crafting Visual Narratives That Captivate

The pan-India network allows unmatched access to every development across the field of governance, politics, business, sports, policing and judiciary, tourism, health, environment, technology, entertainment and lifestyles. India has one of the most vibrant news media markets in the world. INA’s vision is to tell the real story of India and generate content from rural India about the real issues.

Further, it was the creative producer of the Hindi serial named – Tulsi More Angna’ which was produced for DD national. This 52 episode serial was telecast on every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM. This serial catered to the rural masses and also fictionalizes how a village girls turns out to be a good entrepreneur. He also was the creative producer of another Hindi serial named – Purva Suhani Aayi Re’ which also was telecast on DD national.




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